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Handicrafts being a way of life of traditional Indian people is still having its worth and utility in the modern times. Since the beginning of civilisation people have reflected their creativity and skill to come out with different articles of need and for fulfillment of their aesthetic sense. Sometimes it was a basket, which helps them to carry something; sometime it is garment or ornamentsĀ. Again sometimes that is the paintingsĀ. But all such products reflect the lifestyle, artistic and aesthetic sense; sense of using common things beautifully, values  of the ancient people. Over the passage of time and with gradual development of technologies these handicrafts have received much recognition and importance throughout the world. It could attract the eyes of the modern society for its uniqueness. Houses decorated with the handicrafts; using junk ornaments of traditional design  speaks something extra about the owner of the house or users of the garments. There are many eminent personalities who gave a fillip to this creative manufacturing process including Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Gurudev happens to instrumental for helping Shantiniketan-Sriniketan-Bolpur and surrounding areas to become a Handicraft Hub of the eastern part of the country.


We are able to provide our clients the quality assurance, as we follow a quality checking procedure in-house...

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The clients who have interest in unique and colorful handicrafts can contact us. We have a wide range, from...

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We own three production units to carry out production tasks of our diversified product range. We have employed...
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